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Author, Editor-In-Chief & Company Director

The face behind one of the most widely sought out acclaimed books. Moussa Issa Book Series has now become a name synonymous with success in the FRCEM Exams.


Dr Issa’s journey began from a remote area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is the quintessential story of a small-town boy who makes it big with sheer determination and hard work.


Raised in and educated in French as his first language, he graduated from the University of Kinshasa Medical School in 2006. He later flew to South Africa after his graduation where he completed 24 months of medical internship with the Mafikeng Provincial Hospital.


From 2010 to 2012, Dr Issa worked as SHO in Urology and General Surgery. He then worked as Registrar in General Surgery in the city of Cape Town. His extensive experience in the surgical fields would later lay the foundation for the array of trauma cases he would see as an Emergency physician. Giving him the added advantage to masterfully treat the most complicated traumas.


Always one to excel, and driven with his love & hunger for learning Medicine in all its aspects, Dr Issa found the best way to do that would be to switch to emergency Medicine.  Emergency Medicine provided the transition and the path in which he would be able to use his vast knowledge and skills to the fullest.


To do that he would first need to clear the FRCEM exams. With a limited number of resources and with just one book available in the market at that time, Dr Issa took upon himself the mammoth task of compiling his own notes according to the equally intensive & exhaustive syllabus. This gave birth to the highly acclaimed FRCEM Exam series of books (FRCEM Primary All-In-One Notes, FRCEM Intermediate Short Answer Question, FRCEM Final Critical Appraisal and FRCEM Final Clinical Short Answer Question).

Today the books are being used worldwide by ED Doctors in their preparation for these exams.


After clearing his MRCEM in 2017; It took only six months for Dr Moussa Issa to clear all Four parts of the FRCEM Final Exams and he now detains a Fellowship of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (FRCEM) and his endeavour to improving medical education especially in Emergency Medicine has not come to an end. His ongoing work includes now putting together a question bank series and various other projects which are in the pipeline.

Dr Moussa P. Issa

MBBS (Unikin, 2006)

MRCEM (The United Kingdom, 2017)

FRCEM (The United Kingdom, 2019)

MSc Public Health (University of Limerick, 2021)

Author of Moussa Issa Books

Director of Moussa Issa Bookstore

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