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Dr. Neha Hudlikar


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My Story

Neha Hudlikar is currently an Emergency Medicine trainee in the UK. A graduate of RAK Medical Health Sciences University, she trained in Emergency Medicine at Zayed Military Hospital (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) before moving to the UK. Her main interests in Emergency Medicine include trauma, critical care medicine, PoCUS, and the development of Emergency Medicine in resource-limited settings. Passionate about education, she is a blog author for the International Emergency Medicine Education Project and previously served as the Associate Editor of Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine Newsletter.

When not seeking her daily dose of adrenaline rush in the ED, Neha spends most of her time reading, travelling, trying out new food, and learning to play the piano.


The list of articles as author:  

  1. Diplopia

  2. Eye trauma

  3. Painful eye

  4. Red-eye

  5. Sudden visual loss

  6. Acute glaucoma

  7. Cranial nerve palsy

  8. Ophthalmia neonatorum

  9. Inflammatory eye disease

  10. Inhalational injury

  11. Electrical burns

  12. Phimosis/Paraphimosis

  13. Delirium

  14. LMN palsy

Academic publications

Management of ENT Foreign Bodies - Textbook of Emergency and Trauma Care, 2nd Edition, Devendra Richhariya

Blog posts

  1. Neha Hudlikar, UAE, "Push Th(d)ose Vasopressors," in International Emergency Medicine Education Project, November 11, 2020,

  2. Neha Hudlikar, UAE, "Management of Status Epilepticus in ER," in International Emergency Medicine Education Project, June 1, 2020,

  3. Neha Hudlikar, UAE, "Anaphylaxis in a Nutshell," in International Emergency Medicine Education Project, January 31, 2020,

  4. Neha Hudlikar, UAE, "Deadly ECG Patterns – 5 Can’t Miss ECG Findings," in International Emergency Medicine Education Project, November 22, 2019,


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